Surf and Turf. Huanchaco.

Huanchaco, Peru: 14th – 16th December, 2012.

We arrived in Huanchaco and checked into some lovely private rooms and promptly changed and headed for the beach!

Our hostel

It’s a tough life sometimes.

Down at the beach we had a great time relaxing and Konrad was recognised by the local schoolgirls who came over to him to ask for photo’s – so celebrity!

Being by the coast was a great opportunity to try some fresh fish so that evening for dinner we headed out to a pretty basic looking restaurant that had a BBQ outside in the street and next to it a table that had on it the days catch – yep, lots of whole, fresh fish waiting for the BBQ! One fish was huge and so five of us clubbed together to get it and when it arrived it was delicious! Everyone enjoyed their food and we were all full of praise for the restaurant.

Still needs a little more I'd say

Next day we took another walk around to admire the handy work of the local constuction men who were busy building the beach, getting huge piles of sand delivered and then using bulldozers to spread it out!! That afternoon we had a surf lesson which some of us enjoyed but I found it a little frustrating because I couldn’t stand up and got really cold despite having a wetsuit on. Konrad was unlucky enough to also step on some sort of sea urchin and get a spike in his foot which looked very painful to get removed!

We followed up our exertions with a Surfer Burger – a burger bar in town which served superb burgers and had seats outside from where we were able to watch a beautiful sunset. We were even allowed to add our comments to their graffiti wall, which was fun and felt like an honour.

Yummy Surfer Burger

Next day, Sarah and I wanted to move onto Mancora while the others had decided to stay on longer, so we needed to get ourselves a bus. The offerings in town were rather meagre and so we took a collectivo into Trujillo, where we wandered around for a couple of hours getting increasingly frustrated at being told that all the buses were full. Finally we found a company who had two seats left (and they were next to each other) so we took them, feeling a little apprehensive about the quality of the service that we might receive, but with no other option. That done we headed to the nearby ruins of Chan Chan, a city built by the Chimor people in around AD 850 which was interesting for the various designs carved into its tall, adobe walls. Upon heading back to Huanchaco we sampled more fresh fish and saw one last sunset before heading off to catch our bus.

When we got to the bus station our suspicions were worsened thanks to the complete chaos that was occurring with everyone trying to get their luggage into the bus. I think the bus was also a bit of a cut and shut because it was the longest bus that we had ever been on and you could clearly see a divide where extra seats had been added on. We spent a very uncomfortable night on that bus (noisy engine, no legroom, scared of being robbed) but thankfully arrived in Mancora, a little tired and groggy, but generally none the worse for wear and with all of our belongings! Phew!

Trying to get everything into the bus

Next installment will be Mancora.

Until then, take care and watch where you are going!



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