Weird and Wonderful Lima

Lima, Peru 10th- 13th December 2012

I’m skipping over the bits that Chris already updated you on from Nasca, etc. to after we bumped into Lucy and Konrad in Huacachina. Chris and I carried on heading up north with the most of the group  to Lima. In total there were 7 of us: The Brits (me, Chris, Lucy Konrad) and The Irish (Sarah G, Sean and Dave).

A good omen on the journey to Lima with Cruz Del Sur was getting to watch Blue Crush 2! At any other moment it would’ve been naff, but excited about getting surf lessons in the north of Peru, Lucy and I had already cast ourselves in the next sequel- we  just needed to do a few more sit ups!

The hostel we stayed at was a bit of a party hostel, not crazy crazy, just more fun than most. The tell tale sign was a free welcome shot at the bar when we first got there from the lovely Daniella. The hostel had a huge roof terrace which was handy for lounging around, playing ping pong and the place was in a great location slap bang in a major shopping, eating area, opposite a cinema. The annoying bit about the hostel was the Argentinian bar guy making announcements on the PA system in the style of a bingo caller, but in such heavily accented English no-one knew what he was saying, except for the words “Happy Hour”. At least it gave us a break from the terrible music that was constantly being played, but I’m pretty sure we all preferred the music.

Daniella and our free welcome shots!

Daniella and our free welcome shots!

With the great location in Miraflores we did indulge in a couple of cinema trips, “El Asesino del Futuro” i.e. Loopers and “The Hobbit”, where Bilbo Baggins is Bilbo Bolson, but both were in English with Spanish subtitles. The great big department stores close by also meant that I could buy a replacement camera after the jungle incident (3rd camera of the trip).

christmas with sunglasses on!

christmas with sunglasses on!

We did try and do a bit of the cultured thing and explore the city a bit. Chris took us all on a little guided walking tour of the old town in the north, once we’d figured out the metro system- a trolley bus system that runs north-south. Konrad took the opportunity to ask a police woman if she’d ever fired her gun (she said yes, but our spanish didn’t get us any further than that).

see, we did some cultured stuff too!

see, we did some cultured stuff too!

Some of us made it to the beach, which didn’t really deserve the title, it was more stony and chilly but with a good view point from which we enjoyed some delicious ceviche. Chris and I also made a trip to the north of town to see the fountains with a bit of a light show to go with them, some of which were hugely powerful and impressive. The photos don’t do them justice so here’s a pretty good video that shows you what they can do:

But anyway back to the party hostel. The big night happened to Konrad, Sean and Dave after darts in the English pub, ending up with one of them waking up in someone else’s bed in the hostel. Unfortunately the girl who was supposed to be in that bed returned from the shower, or wherever she had been when her guest had slipped into the bed at 8 am, to hit him in the head to tell him to shove off back to their own bed!

This was the morning that Sarah G, Lucy and myself decided to treat ourselves to a ladies morning that stretched out until 6 pm to find that the guys were in exactly the same spot on the terrace that we’d left them in at 10.30 am.

Ladies lunching in Lima- til 6pm!

Ladies lunching in Lima- til 6pm!

There were weirder nights, maybe induced by pisco sour making night at the hostel, but we ended up being talked through the Mormon teachings by a guy who had just renounced Mormonism. He recommended this video as an overview:

Our Mormon acquaintance was just one of the interesting people we were shacked up with at Pariwana hostel. We happened to also be sharing our accommodation with a rapper called Chris, who gave us a free show in the bar. Something else we had to try not to stare at like weirdos was a rather obviously enhanced bum, we suspect from Colombia, but we had no proof.

All in all a fun city with a bit of everything and everyone!

Off to Huanchaco next to learn to surf!

Hope the snow is thawing back at home. xxx


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