Hummingbirds, monkeys, orcas, hands and more – Nazca Lines

Nazca, Peru: 7th December, 2012

Chris here for a quick update of our short stop off in Nazca, Peru, home of the famous Nazca Lines, which according to Wikipedia are “shallow designs made in the ground by removing the reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish/grayish ground beneath.” Oh and no one knows for certain who made them!

We stepped off our Cruz del Sur bus early in the morning to be hit by the heat – Nazca was hot! After our time in Cusco and Manu we were ready for some heat to dry us out, so this was the perfect place. Our hostel offered a collection service from the bus station which was great because it was one less taxi to worry about stepping into. We were soon checked in and shown to our room, which was the biggest of the trip so far. We had a double bed, single bed, desk, fridge, TV, annex walk-in wardrobe style room and ensuite bathroom. Thankfully there was also a ceiling fan!

Next we decided to head into town and try to buy a disposable camera and also to sort out a flight over the Nazca Lines, which we had decided that we may as well spend a few bucks on seeing how we had stopped off in Nazca and all. We headed to Condor travel who told us that we could leave in half an hour, great, except that we still had no disposable camera or enough money to pay because we hadn’t topped up our accounts.  So while I dashed back to the hostel to get an alternative card to get money with, Sarah dashed around the shops. I got money and got back to the tour agent to meet Sarah who hadn’t had any joy getting a camera, only to be told then that we needed our passports to take the flight and which we had left in the hostel! Grrr! Back to the hostel it was, but thankfully the agent agreed to have us picked up from there, which was a relief because all of the running around was getting us hot!

We were soon picked up and whisked off to the airport, through security and into the waiting room. We were going to be flying with two Argentinian ladies who were also waiting, in a six seater, tiny plane. We were soon introduced to our co-pilot who gave us a map of the figures that we would see and then taken to the plane. It was really fun, though I did feel a tiny bit queasy at times thanks to all the banking and sudden jolts due to turbulence. The pilot did a great job of passing each figure twice while the co-pilot told us what we were looking for and where, but they were pretty easy to spot and some were really big and clear. It was great to see them and it is a marvel how they were made on such a large scale, as they vary from about 50 to 100 metres or more in diameter!

Our tiny plane!

After landing and getting back to Nazca we headed for a bite to eat at a nice restaurant which served fresh Lemonade. We got a pitcher and it was served with heaps of ice so it was super cool and super refreshing! Perfect! The food was good too. After that we took a wander around and headed back to the hostel for a rest.

We saw this from the plane too!

Later in the evening we headed out again to the same street, but different restaurant to where we lunched and enjoyed some pizza.

Having successfully ticked off seeing the Nazca Lines we had booked our tickets to the next stop on our trip, Ica, from where we would get a taxi to Huacachina, an oasis in the desert where we would find more exciting adventures!

Hope you’re all having fun wherever you are!


P.S. Sarah will be here to tell you all about our Manu Adventure soon – watch this space!


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