South from Santiago!

Hello again!

Sarah and I have been very busy recently and so apologies to our adoring fans for the delay in any update, but we are both well and having fun!

So, we were in Santiago and didn’t know where we were going. I wanted to go south to the lake district area of Chile because I had heard that it was lush green scenery and offered a more rural view of life in Chile. Sarah wasn’t convinced, but I managed to convince her somehow and so off to Puerto Montt we went. This did mean that I was very nervous on the bus in case it was a disaster because every one we met kept mentioning that it rained all the time there!

Thankfully when we arrived it was sunny and I was drawn to some fancy photo’s outside a tour company. We were soon signed up to go and visit some lakes, rapids and volcanoes (from a distance) though we were a little nervous as the guide didn’t speak English. The woman from the tour company also gave us a lift to our Hostel which was a nice extra!

When we got on the minibus we found that we were in luck, a Chilean woman and her husband from New Zealand were also on the tour and she was translating everything for him. We sat behind her and settled in for the commentary! We had a great time, saw all the things that we were told we would see and it was beautifully clear and sunny, so we were happy! Phew!

Next day it was on to Castro where it was true to form and drizzling on arrival. Our hostel, Palafito Sur, was our favourite so far. It was a Palafito building which is a wooden building built on stilts over the water. It was where the poorer people of Castro lived but now a few have been made into hostels. It had a lovely balcony area over the water that we were able to use on our second day because it was sunny! It was also a little bit cold in the evenings, but luckily they weren’t full so gave us two extra duvets and we were soon toasty and warm. The majority of the buildings on the island are made out of wood tiles, which are apparently naturally waterproof and so the architecture was like nowhere else that we have seen. We took a trip with a local guide, on a local bus to one of the other smaller islands nearby to see a church and from that we got a real flavour of a typical day on the island which was interesting.

When we arrived back to the hostel that day we decided to take advantage of the sun and the free kayak that our hostel offered and go out on the water. Sarah was so excited that she tripped on the mat when running to get ready and broke the lens of her SLR camera which was  a sad blow (but we have since found a solution – more in another post). It got even worse for me when we sat in the kayak and my bum got immediately soaked – jeans were a bad choice! But then the fun started and we had a good time meandering around on the water and took some nice pictures of our hostel from the water.

Next day it was back to the mainland for a few hours wandering around Puerto Montt, which we hadn’t really explored during our previous stay and we met a large couple there who were very friendly and shared their bench with Sarah. After that it was up to Valparaiso on a Cruz Del Sur bus which was excellent and even had WiFi! It was the best bus that we have traveled in so far and so worthy of mention.

Ok, that’s all for now folks. Another post might be a little while in coming because tomorrow we leave for Bolivia on a three day tour and then our hostel there doesn’t have WiFi so we are not sure when we’ll be able to catch up, but we’ll do our best!

Hope that you are all fine and well,

P.S. Enjoy the slideshow, we’re trying a different approach!


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