Ice Ice Baby! – To the ends of the earth and up a bit.

Hola Chicos- Sarah here. That’s about as much Spanish I can muster right now. Luckily, we’ve still been enjoying the company of Justyna, who we shared an apartment with in Buenos Aires, whose Spanish is amazing! However this has meant that Chris and I are being lazy and are not speaking Spanish. On the up side Justyna’s English is coming on well!

So it’s been cold; we’ve been using all of the layers we packed including our snazzy merino wool base layers (told you we’d need them Mum!). The first icy adventure was in Ushuaia- the most Southerly city in the world supposedly (and known to Argentinians as the capital of the Malvinas). It’s a pretty small town which was exemplified when we hailed the same cab driver twice in one day!

chris in his ninja underlayers

The big adventure in the Ushuaia area was snow-shoe trekking, husky-dog sledging and snowmobiling in one day! We met a great gal called Ly from Holland who has been travelling the world for 2 years which sounded very exciting. Hmmm…just kidding- don’t worry Vicky!

snow shoes woo hoo!

Snow shoe trekking was fun. The old tennis rackets on the boots have moved on to sleek plastic numbers with snap-click fastenings and adjustments. Snowmobiling was hilarious, hair-raising fun- I went on the back of Justyna’s machine and discovered a new maniacal side to her. She’d wait until Chris was far enough ahead of us to get a decent gap to accelerate into giggling and screaming at her own driving!

Snow cats

The disappointment was Husky dog sledging. The snow at this time of year is melting which makes it hard for them to run fast, so it was pretty slow but the dogs were also a bit smelly and it was a bit depressing seeing them in their cages. But we made friends with the guides and ended the day in the Dublin Bar in town (yes there is an Irish pub in every town, city and village in the world!).

After Ushuaia we jetted up to El Calafate, the base for exploring the southern Patagonia Glacier fields including Perito Moreno glacier which we visited. We also discovered that row 9 is a bad row to sit in as you can’t recline the seats directly in front of the emergency exit, but it was only an hour flight. On the up side- we’ve been really lucky with our hostels in these two places. They’ve been big, clean, modern and really friendly and helpful- I’m sure they won’t all be as great!

The moment that we first saw the glacier was accompanied by crescendoing classical music at full volume. The bus driver timed it just right so that as you came around the corner the surge of music hit you at the same time as the view of the glacier. He was obviously very well practiced.

just as the music booms we see this

The Glacier didn’t disappoint, despite a long wait for our boat back to the other side of the lake after our experience walking on the glacier with crampons on, seeing, feeling, hearing and even tasting the ice were fantastic experiences. The amazing deep blue colours of the ice when you look down the crevices and flumes look fake they’re so vibrant.

Bit cold for a swim, but nice to drink

The last port of call in El Calafate was the Glaciarium- claiming to be the only glacier museum on earth. Very interesting and well complimented by an ice bar like in London. Justyna and I had to give it a go even if it was 11am! It was a good start to a full day of travelling to Mendoza to get a bit of sunshine.

I hope everyone’s having fun wherever you are!

Love from Sarah xx



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