Travelling Friends or Real Friends?

Sarah here!

So we’ve got into Buenos Aires a bit more now. We undertook a free walking tour run by the fabulous and met a whole bunch of people who are further along on their travels around South America as well as some going around the whole world! The tour guide was great. Virginia made us all introduce ourselves to one another which broke the ice, so we all chatted to each other on the tour. The tour was an English speaking tour so we were able to talk to everyone easily. Not being used to the whole traveller’s code of making friends I totally missed the invitation to lunch from two girls from Dublin, but luckily a less subtle invite was made and we made our first travelling friends!

The next hurdle was whether anyone wanted to stay in touch past lunch? A photo that was taken needed to be sent on to everyone in the group so that made e-mail address swapping obligatory (problem solved). Mentioning plans of any kind could’ve led to unwanted hangers on, which is probably what we have now become as Chris latched on to the plans of the couple we met and now they can’t shake us!

With no ability to phone each other, plans had to be made in advance which automatically flung us back to the 90’s when no one had mobile phones and you had to show up when you said you would!

9pm at the bar, we all met up, then on to dinner which was wonderful, due to the food and the company. The matter of splitting the bill which is not normally that much hassle, was transformed into a precision dissection so not to offend anyone- after all we’ve just met each other and some people are poor students or on a tight budget at the end of their trips. So with the added complications of not being able to read the bill items and not being familiar with the currency, especially after some good, inexpensive red wine, made for a long process.

We’ve met some great people so far who have done all the fun stuff we’re about to embark upon and are shaping our time away into the experience that it is. The plans are still being made, so hopefully I’ll be experiencing my first football match EVER on Sunday with our new found friends as well as having the fun of moving into our Spanish school student digs.

Thanks Travelling Friends; I hope we graduate to being real friends soon!!


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