Let the good times roll!

Chris: What’s this, two posts in two days! Bonkers, I know but I thought that I’d let you know how we got on with our foraging yesterday. We decided to ask our friendly receptionist for a recommendation of somewhere to eat and she pointed us in the direction of a place one block away, so points for closeness which was much needed as by this time we were very hungry! The place was nice and the food was good. I had a glass of red wine and a steak with chips. We weren’t entirely sure how much the wine was when we ordered it because I only wanted a glass and apparently all of the prices were for bottles. Anyway, it turned out to be 12 pesos which is about £1.62 and it was a large glass! Ace! The steak was beautifully cooked, a good size and extremely tasty and cost £9.74 so I like Argentina. A lot.

After that we took a walk around, Sarah made a friend and we found the Casa Rosada. We then decided to go to our Spanish school, Expansih, to say hello. They were all very friendly and welcoming and let us take our entrance exam which bought us a later start on Monday morning and so we are both in beginner, but not the same class as Sarah is a couple of weeks ahead of me, but in terms of making friends we wanted to be in different classes anyway. They also helped us to fill in the necessary form to get the equivalent of an Oyster card for the metro and directed us to the nearest post office where we could buy it from. After that a little more walking and then it was pretty much back to the hotel and an early night to help complete the transition to Argentinian time.

Today we are planning to do a free, English walking tour so more of that later.


3 thoughts on “Let the good times roll!

  1. It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time already and I am so pleased for you both! Enjoy all the adventures – it sounds like you are very organised already despite not having too much of a ‘plan’. What a great way to be! I will be following your blog with much interest! (and secretly, lots of envy too! Haha!)

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