Arriving in Buenos Aires!


Chris here for my first post on the blog to let everyone know that we have arrived safely in Buenos Aires! The 13 and a half hour flight went by smoothly so thank you BA for that. The selection of movies was actually quite poor, which worked out nicely really because it meant that I managed to get about 7 hours of (interrupted) sleep and feel good for the day ahead in BA. Sarah was a bit more hardcore, watching a few more movies and only getting about four hours rest, so it’ll be important to find some good food and drink once we start to tire later on!

Having landed we got an airport transfer taxi which was interesting – the driver wasn’t hanging around and was quite happy changing lanes through the smallest of gaps to undertake any slower vehicle, providing us with a speedy trip to our hotel that I actually quite enjoyed. Upon arrival at the hotel we wanted to throw ourselves in and try to speak Spanish and I was able to tell the receptionist that we had a reservation and she understood, which was a good start. The receptionist was really friendly and patient as she told us everything in Spanish and waited for us to guess what was being said. We got most of the stuff without needing too much help which was a good feeling and she must have liked us because she told us that she was going to give us a free room upgrade! The room is fantastic and you can see Sarah enjoying the bed in the photo’s.

Now it’s time to go and explore the nearby region of San Telmo and perhaps find where our Spanish school is, which we start on Monday!

Adios for now!


2 thoughts on “Arriving in Buenos Aires!

  1. Pleased to receive the 1st instalment so quickly and to hear that you had arrived safely after a good journey. Look forward to reading about your adventures. Enjoy yourselves. Love Val.

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