Pack it up, pack it in

Hello, Sarah again- not sure when chris will write one of these! He’s off in The North, depositing his share of the flat at his mum’s place. We’ve managed to clear the flat of everything bar furniture, so making pasta last night was fun with the sauce pans all packed up! We’re camping at home for my last 2 days of work, so a bit of practise surviving on only what I have in my bag-til friday. Not quite the same, I know.image

We have our sexy all terrain wheely bags that also double up as backpacks ready to be filled!

Luckily we’re not the first to do this travelling malarkey so we’ve had a lot of advice on what to take, or rather what not to take- Hayden’s advice of laying out everything that you’re planning on taking, halving it and halving it again is what we’re aiming for. A blog by a couple who sold everything and are now perpetual travelers has also been invaluable. Check it out:

We’ll see those of you we haven’t said goodbye to so far, this week!

A week today we’ll be in the air. Xxx


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