Feel the fear


Sarah here. Only 13 days left before we’re off to spanish lessons, tango and steaks in argentina! I would add sunshine to the list but it’s better weather in london at the minute!
with only 4 more working days left for me things are getting exciting and maybe a touch scary, but that’s part of the point of the trip! so what fears need to be overcome?
-right at the top is getting mugged slash kidnapped slash murdered. Down to columbia being the murder capital of the world.
-getting rabies. Too late for the jabs now! You tried to warn me alex and sonia’s mum!
-lack of access to proper medical resources in the event of the above.
-not being able to throw loo roll down the toilet in some countries. Ming.
-riding right off the cliff on the world’s most dangerous road in bolivia.
-food poisoning-can’t be avoided for the whole six months.
-altitude sickness-this is why I’m getting the train up!
-home sickness. loving all the catch ups with everyone and looking forward to saturday.

So a bit of a list, but an even longer one of awesome stuff!

so we’re doing it anyway!


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